Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Snow Day!

So yesterday and today have been a couple of very snowy days.  The angels are having a little more then a pillow fight (I would say it was all out war) or God has a very bad case of dandruff and needs a good shampoo with good ol' Head and Shoulders.  

Yesterday the snow started coming down, and by this morning there was a generous helping of that fluffy white stuff.  It's one of those things where you look out and say, "Oh, No!"  but at the same time it is really quite exciting.  

So I got the kids moving and ready for school.  After all, we're Terrace, and "What's a little snow?"  My husband left before us on his snowmobile to pack us a trail.  The kids got there snow stuff on and while it's still pretty dark, we headed out the door and across the field to the cable car.

And up the stairs we go.  On our side of the river there are 5 flights of stairs.

We all pile into the Cable Car and start across the river.  The river right now is choked with ice and snow.  It's a pretty sight to look back at North Usk through the softly falling snow.  When my kids are older they will realize what a special thing it is.  Right now it is just part of every day life for them.

Then we look forward towards the South side of the river.  This side only as 3 flights of stairs because the ground is higher here.  

The parking lot is all covered in snow.  Looking across the river you can see the light from the other side.  The Ride across the river takes roughly 6 minutes or so.  

We make it to the bus stop with time to spare.  This is usually a fun time for the kids, waiting for the bus.  They love climbing the snow banks this time of year.  The banks are quite high compared to the bus stop shelter.

"Hey, Mom!  Can we knock the snow off the branch on this tree?!"

"Sure!  Why not?  Go ahead!"

And then the snow REALLY comes down!  

We waited for the bus for quite a while, but then decided that perhaps it wasn't coming after all because of all the snow.  So, our friend at the bus stop kindly invited us to all go and have hot chocolate and a quick visit to her house.  Of course, my kids thought this was a swell idea.

Afterwards we returned home, and I spent a bunch of time shoveling.  You would think that is would be totally unpleasant.  But really, it was enjoyable.  It was so quiet and peaceful shoveling and in the distance you could hear the odd avalanche softly rumbling.  If only the clouds were high enough to be able to see them coming down...

Our Chicken house is slowly disappearing from the snow sliding off the roof and falling from the sky's.  My Mini Chicken coop is pretty much buried and needed to be shoveled off and the trailer is just a few boards sticking out of the snow.  I figure we have over 4 ft of snow now, and it makes it difficult if you need to go anywhere off a trail.  When I shoveled off the Mini Coop, I got a great idea of how to reach it's roof.  I stood on my kids sliegh on top of the snow.  It worked perfect.  Soooo, if you are in deep snow and need to reach something high, just stand on a sleigh.

I thought this was kind of funny, so you can compare how much snow we have to get an idea.

I stuck my Rooster on a fence post January 10th.

And here he is today.  I swear there's a pole under him! He was definitely not impressed with me dragging him out in the snow.  

After awhile the rain started coming down, so I finished up shoveling, and called it a day outside.  

Makes me wonder just how much snow we will end up with before the winter is over.  Really, it's only January, so we've a way to go yet.


  1. Oh my! What a lot of snow! Love the roo pics! In the first he looks so elegant, in the second he looks ready to find somewhere warm to sit.

  2. Yes, he wasn't happy about going out in it either! Thankfully today it's warmed up, and we had some rain to help melt a little of it.