Monday, 2 July 2012

Flowers, Bugs and Rain ~ Photos

It seems like there just aren't as many bee's as there used to be.  I headed out to my comfery patch to take some bee shots but the bees have been few and far in between.  Usually the patch is swarming with bumble bee's.

However, a little patience and listening and I followed my ears to the sound of a bumblebee trying to fight it's way into a flower.

This bumblebee had if figured out that instead of trying to crawl into the flower it was easier to chew a hole in the base of the flower and get the nectar that way.

They fly about with their loads of pollen.

This strange looking hornet (or I think it is a hornet) was perched on the tips of some taller plants about face level with me.  It was giving me the eye watching me.

Finally it got tired of my camera in it's face and flew over and landed on some flowers.  It wasn't after then nectar. The pictures don't do justice to the size of this thing.  I've seen them a few times now.  This wasn't wasn't quite as big as the one I seen last year, but was still pretty creepy and wicked looking.

We have quite a bit of Cow Parsnip (or Hog Weed, not sure which it is) that grows around our place.  It grows really really tall, averaging between 6 1/2 to 9 1/2 feet tall.  Even though I really dislike the plant, the flowers are pretty.

This was a tiny, little bee that was busy collecting pollen from the flowers.

Today there was a lady bug crawling around that caught my eye.

Lady bug, Lady bug.  Fly away home!

Rhubarb flowers.

There is something about Columbine flowers that makes me think of Fairy crowns...

Jacobs Ladder.

There is something so cheery about Buttercups.

I'm not a huge spider fan, but I do enjoy seeing a Crab Spider.  They blend in so well... most of the time.

This one, I spotted just as I went to smell the flower!

This one I spotted today was really tiny and white.  It had caught a fly.

I was standing in some dandelions taking pictures and I started noticing all these spiders on them.

See the spider?

Meadow Lilies

Raindrops on Day Lilly leaves.

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