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Haida Gwaii Adventure ~ 2009

I finally got around to typing out my journal I kept on my Ipod from my trip to the Haida Gwaii back in 2009.  What an adventure that trip was.  

My camera wasn't working that great while I was there, and I had a spot of sand that somehow got on the inside of the lens.  So if you see spots in the pictures, that would be why.

August 28, 2009

Last night we got into Skidegate off of the ferry then onto the Kwona to Sandspit. We stayed the night at Jasons place. We had a great dinner at Dicks Wok In. Good Food.

This morning we had breakfast at the Sandspit Inn. On the way out of the door we noticed a missing persons poster about a 38 year old man, last seen in his green dodge. I commented that the last thing I wanted would be to find him in our travels.
After breakfast we headed out to Gray Bay for some camping and beach combing.

We decided to walk up the deactivated road to the other point. It was on 1.4 hour walk (some beach combing.
Along the way, we kept finding pieces of truck. A new hub cap, a tail light, a ground shroud.. We joked about how it could be the missing man, goofed around playing CSI and Mantracker. 

When we got to the end of the road, low and behold, there we were, face to face with the Missing Man! His green Truck was all dented up. We figured he was either drunk when he drove in or I thought in a big hurry. He had set up a nice little camp. He asked if we were mushroom picking, and told us not to pick the ones along the trail. Rob said "Hey Man, people are looking for you!"   The man said "How do you know me?"  And Rob replied, "There are pictures of you up all over." Rob asked how long he had been there and was told a month. The Guy asked us not tell anyone where he was and said he didn't want to be found. He asked us not to tell a few times before we left (really stressing it), and telling us he didn't want to get into why he didn't want to be found. 
We were glad that Rob took his rifle with him when we decided to go for the hike (we had seen sow and cub tracks in the sand on the beach). Needless to say, but after that, we were really creeped out, so we didn't really beach comb as we had planded, but came back down the beach and back up onto the road. Rob handed me the car's keys and told me if I heard a shot, not to look, just run.  Also told me to run in zig zags,   Yeah. That made me feel great!

We did find a cute little bright green tree frog. The slugs here are unbelievable! They are Huge!

Relaxing in the sun at Gray Bay.  It doesn't get much better.

Pacific Tree Frog.  These are an introduced invasive species.  But they are pretty darn cute!

The road that we walked down that we found the missing guy down.  We walked down the road and also cut back inforth in between the beach and the road.

Standing in front of our camping spot at Grey Bay looking towards the point where we discovered the missing guy.

This is close to where we  came out onto the beach after we left the missing guy.  As we walked away, I looked back and took a picture of the point.

August 29, 2009

This morning we awoke to the most beautiful of sunrises. The sky was a gorgeous orange and then the sun came up a beautiful red ball shining over the ocean. We had hot coffee and a breakfast over the camp fire.  

At about 9:30am beaver plane flew over circling as it went obviously looking for someone.  Rob went out on the beach and pointed up towards the point where we seen the man.  It worked it's way up the beach.  When it got about where the missing man was camped out it circled about half a dozen times and then took off straight for Sandspit.  

We're thinking that maybe they found the guy that was hiding out.  I guess that solves the question of to tell or not to tell.  He will probably think we told.  Now we'll have to see if and how he comes out.  If he comes out he will have to go right by or through our camp.  Could be interesting.  At 12:30 pm, the police drove by our camp site and at 2:20 pm they headed back to town.

Pretty Moon Shells.

I don't know what this is, but I was told that next time I see one that I should keep it, dry it out and it would turn a pretty turquoise color.  (found out it was called a Chiton)

August 30, 2009

We had a great nights sleep and woke up to another beautiful sunrise.  Coffee and breakfast in the sun.  By the time we left at 11:00am it was starting to cloud over.  

As we drove past Mosquito Lake, a large bear galloped down the road.  Tonight we will camp near here by Moresby Camp.  The Pallant Creek fish hatchery is close by where we seen 2 lovely big bears fishing.  I can hardly wait to go fishing there tonight!  Ha ha ha!  Which is what Rob plans for us to do.  Maybe I'll get some nice bear Pictures.

Well we got back from fising.  The fish were really running.  We caught 8 beauties.  I caught my first Coho casting.

Big Bear at the Fish Hatchery at Pallant Creek

Going fishing near Morseby

It's a very pretty place to fish.  We could see swarms of fish swimming up the creek.

Yay!  Here I am catching my first Coho!

August 31, 2009

Another nice red sunrise, We haven't had rain since the day we got here.  Woke up to the sound of a raccoon growling.  Rob seen it leaving.

We had coffee to the sound of fish boiling in the bay and struggling up Pallent Creek.  You could see them churning the water right  in front of where we were having our coffee.  I guess they were grouping before heading up stream.  There was also a lot of ducks, seals snorting and a king fisher.  Rob was hooking them right off shore while I had coffee.

We said goodbye to Jasin and took off for North Beach.  We found a place where we could get up through all the driftwood off the beach to camp for the night.  A short road went into a native food gather house.  It was near a ship wreck which we checked out.  It was pretty neat.  I bet it was a cute boat in it's day.  Rob checked with his knife to see what sort of wood it was and figured it was red cedar.  Someone had attached a kite to it and it was really high.  North Beach was lovely and sunny, but cold and windy.  The sunset was amazing.  

We ended up boiling water for a good wash and felt much better.

Incoming Waves.

Leaving behind foam.

Rob brought a kite with us.  The wind made it perfect for flying it.

We tried to catch some crabs, but there was too much Tanin in the water to see them.

The Sunken Boat

Tow Hill and the Sunken Boat

Where we pulled off the beach to camp.

Sunset North Beach

Sept 1, 2009

This morning wen I got up I went for a walk along the beach.  I walked down by the old ship wreck.  The kite was down.  It had a branch across the line.  As soon as I took it off, the kite took off all on it's own.  It was still windy this morning.

By the time we were ready to go, there were at least 16 boats that we could see coming in close to shore.  It must have been really blowing out there.  

We had breakfast a t the See Breeze because our favorite place, the Island Sunrise was toatly packed out.  Note to self... Get there early!

After Breakfast, we headed out to Agate Beach where we set up camp.  I really enjoyed looking for agates.  I think I found a couple.  But mostly I found really pretty rocks.

We met a guy named Toby form Sweden.  He had a few beer with us.  The sunset was truly beautiful!

Morning on North Beach.

The Ships are coming in.

Our camping spot at Agate Beach.

Pretty beach rocks and agates.

Sunset at Agate Beach.

More Sunset.

Sept 2, 2009

We left Agate Beach and headed up to Masset for Breakfast at the Island Sunset Cafe, only to find again it was packed out..  So we headed out to the Bird Sanctuary to set up camp.

I found a few agates and we seen some Cranes.

Sept 3, 2009

Well, we left Masset after a wicked breakfast at the Island Sunrise.  

We came back to Skidegate.  A drive up a back road only produced a few doe deer.

We ran in to Larry and Barb (friends of ours from Terrace) and a decision was made to go and find some Oysters and dig some clams with them.  We found some in South Bay.  The oysters were really tricky to find.   Barb told us to soak them in water and oatmeal overnight to get the sand out.  We spent the night at Jasins.

A view from up high while we were looking for deer.

Oysters on the beach.  We later found out that we probably weren't supposed to be eating the shell fish.  Oops!

Sept 4, 2009

We spent the day in Sandspit, I lost my purse and kind of freaked out, but later we found it under the duffle bag at Jasins.  We went back out and got a few more oysters and clams.

Another drive only produced a few does and fawns.

Rob helped Jasin shovel sawdust at the mill and assemble a nice picnic table.  

We had a nice quiet evening and ordered more Dicks Wok In.

We found some Sunfish

And Starfish.

Working on Picnic tables.

Sept 5, 2009

We got up to some rain and spent the morning at Jasins visiting.

Around lunch we started cooking seafood.  We had Halibut, fries, breaded clams and oysters.  We finished eating just in time to catch the ferry to get across to Skidegate.  

We had some time to kill so headed out to hunt.  Rob got a doe.

While waiting for the ferry we ran into Toby again and some ladies that I had talked to at Agate Beach.  The were from Terrace.   With them was a funny gentleman who's flooring Rob had recently installed.  It passed the time quickly.  The Crossing back to Prince Rupert was a calm one.

We did a little driving around while killing time for the Ferry.

I loved this old fire truck.

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