Saturday, 28 January 2012

Winter fun and beauty

Another lovely winters morning.  Even though I am very tired of the snow, sometimes you just have to look on the bright side of things.  There's not much we can do about it, so why not just enjoy it a little.

I looked out my window at the yard and coop and seen this lovely sight.  My coop is the red building.  Rob thinks he can make it up onto the roof with his snow mobile.  "Bad idea!", I say.

I take a walk around the yard, to see how things are.  The snow has slid of the green house.

The old woodshed is still standing.  That's good.

The pig pen is still there.... somewhere.  Good thing we don't keep pigs over winter.  The bump is where their house is.

The chicken tractors are buried deep.  It will be months before I can put them to use.  

After that, we decide to go for a little trip around the neighbor hood and enjoy the snow before it turned to rain.

We spy a neighbor's cabin over the snow bank.

So we head on over to check and see what the river is doing.  Right now there is lots of ice and snow in the river and I think it is backing of from the canyon below us.  The levels are very high for this time of year.  I can only imagine when the school was on this side of the river, in the olden days, and people used to send their kids across the river by walking on top of the ice, on boards in between ice chunks and in a small boat with the Ferry man.  Talk about dangerous.  I climbed up to the top of the cable car tower, and the kids hopped on the Bravo snowmobile with Rob.

Time for a little horse play.

Look Mom!  I can fly!

What goes up, must come down!  She sure could fly!  I can't believe how far she went!

Madeleine pops up from under the snow!




And then Rob hops back on the Bravo, and I on the Quad to pull the kids on the sled and we take a winter tour of Usk.

You can just barely make out the base of the mountain through the snow that was still falling.

We decide to take the little road up the hill.  The trees are heavily laden with snow, and you had to duck to go under them.  It was very pretty.

Madeleine and Rob come racing down the hill.

A neighbors empty barn.

Our Modes of transportation.

Yes, the snow banks are a getting a little high.

The Trappers Cabin.  Probably the oldest house in Usk.  Floated down the river in 1936, landed about there over the slough, and they put it on pillons.  In 2007 it floated again, but landed crooked when the waters receded.  And there it sits.

The slough is one of my favorite places.  It seems no matter the time of year, it is just beautiful there.  I can't help but love it.

Across from the slough.

A summer cabin, waiting for spring.

And last but not least, an old house, lonely and falling down it has seen better days.  Built in the 1920's

Finally, back home again.

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