Thursday, 2 February 2012

I love mornings!

I just love mornings.  It is my absolute favorite time of the day.  I've always been a morning person.

I love to watch the birth of a brand new day.  

I love the quiet of a new morning.  The stillness of the world, and watching it come alive.

One thing I think that is important, is to wake everyday and think positive thoughts.  I feel this as an effect on the rest of your day.  I know people who wake up, and think "Why even bother with today? I should have never even bothered to get up!", within 5 minutes of being up.  This day is yours.  It's new.  Give it a chance, and go into it as if it might be your last!

Tomorrow, I may not be here.  Today, I am.  Why start if off grumpy and in a bad mood? 

No matter the way the day before ended, today is a new day.  And I am thankful.