Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Splendid Day!

Today has been a splendid day!  I woke up about 5 am this morning and enjoyed a hot drink and watched the day come.

This is my favorite time of day.  Early mornings.  The morning was a foggy one, but when I could see the sky it was a light powdery blue with gorgeous peach clouds for a few minutes.  I like watching the fog.  After I had my hot drink and read my book for a bit the kids got up and we got ready to take them to the bus.

Mornings like this morning makes up for all those rainy ones.  Beautiful.  The river still had fog on it and I can't help but feel very privileged to live my life style in which I must cross the river every morning aboard the little ferry.  I truly love it.

Looking down towards Kitselas Mountain, you can see the fog rising off the river as the sun kisses the mountain.

The sun rises over Bornite Mountain up river.

We cross in the morning as foot passengers.  I love the sound of the river.  Looking back across towards home.

There is something about the mist in the trees which makes one feel at peace.

The River isn't as high as it normally is this time of year.   This worries me, as it means that all that snow up there on our lovely mountain hasn't been doing the melting we would like to see.  The river is about 2 meters lower then it usually is most years.  I've been a little worried that the melt will hold off until we get a hot spell in June (that's what happened in 2007).  We had lots of snow last winter and it all has to come down.  I was just reading on the Rivers Forcast Center site that the snow pack for the Skeena/Nass region was at 158%, which is very high.

As a precaution, I've been emptying our basement.  Packing everything up to our upper story of our house.  Last time it flooded we had about 7 ft of water in our basement, so I don't dare leave anything in it.  My legs are sore today from all the packing I did yesterday, but I am getting closer to getting everything moved.  It may flood.  It may not flood.  Who knows what this spring will bring, but I feel it doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

Our lives out here depend a lot on what the river is doing.

This morning I sat outside and watched the mountain for a while.  This is my absolute favorite time of year.  The mountain comes alive from her slumber and you can hear little avalanches, and if you are lucky you can see the snow sliding off her faces.  I seen a few really nice slides, which look like long with water falls.  By the time I went in to get my camera the biggest had already finished coming down.  I did catch this little one.

We had a frost a few days ago, and when the sun rose, it turned to beautiful drops of water edging the Lady's Mantle.

Cherry Blossom are Blooming.

Of course, who could look at a delicate Forget Me Not and not appreciate it's beauty?

Even the cat loves a sunny day!

You can see some brown area's on the snow where there has been little avalanches come down.


  1. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes its those mornings, and everything so green that must make up for all those rainy dreary days you must also get to make it that green!
    I remember first time I went to Prince Rupert it was sunny and warm, everyting so green, I loved it, wanted to live there but Im thinking they get LOTS of rainy days too!
    It is a tradeoff to live where it is drier but gets awful brown and ugly sometimes in mid summer!

  3. I just got back from a trip down to the Cariboo area (Williams Lake). You can sure see the difference between the two places. That area is a beautiful area too, but it is a different beauty. Yes, we are very green here. When the rain gets too much, I just tell myself that we live in a rainforest, so it's to be expected. The sunny days makes up for all those rainy ones. Oh, and Prince Rupert does get a lot of rain. Even more then we do here.