Saturday, 19 May 2012

This Winters Avalanche Pictures ~ Sequence Shots

I've been meaning to post these pictures for quite a while now.  These were actually taken March 23rd, so I guess it was technically spring.   What a beautiful day it had turned out to be.  Just the kind of day that is perfect to watch them blast the snow off the mountain.  

I had my niece staying over and my girls and I all went out and stood near the tracks in front of the house to watch the show.  

The explosives were dropped off a helicopter onto the face of the mountain.  First you see a little plume of dark smoke, then seconds later the sound hits you and you could hear a huge BANG!  Then the snow starts to tumble down the mountain.  Of course this was all very exciting for the kids, and as they watched the cloud of snow grow they were a little worried it might reach us.  But of course we were at a very safe distance. 

Still, it is a wonderful sight to behold!  It's one of my favorite things about winters out here.

I took this picture before they started blasting.  

This is after they blasted.  You can see not as much of the cornus came off as they would have liked.

What a view!  

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