Thursday, 14 June 2012

High Water In The Skeena ~ Back To The Cable Car!

Ahhhh yes.  It is that time of year.  Actually it's happening late this year, the spring melt and rising river.  We've had cooler then average weather, so that melt up there in the mountains is taking it's sweet time.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  In some ways I'd rather just get it over with as it is rather annoying not knowing just how high the water will get and how long it will last.  Plus, I'm ready for some nice warm weather.  

The water came up earlier this spring around May 28th and peaked at about 7 1/2 meters.  The cable car goes into use when the water gets to somewhere around 7 meters I think depending on the Ferry Operators and what the great and mighty Nechacko (Company that has the contract for the Ferry/Cable Car).  What we do out here and how we trasport our selves back and for to our homes depends a lot on these factors.  Anyways the water went up to a 7 1/2 meters, we switched from using the ferry over to the Cable Car, parking our vehicles on the opposite side of the river.  Then the water went back down after a day or two, and we drove home again.

On June 6th water was at just under 6 1/2 meters high.  My daughter who was at home for the day sick (though miraculously cured the minute it was too late to catch the bus to school) go to pick up her older sister from the ferry.  You can see it on the river crossing.  While we wait, my youngest drops sticks off one side of the dock then goes to watch them come out the other side.

Another fun pass time while we wait is to throw rocks into the river.

My oldest and her friend wait for the ferry to come into dock and chain up.
Later that evening just about bed time we got a phone call to move vehicles because the river was coming up quite quickly and by morning they though it would be too high to run the ferry.  Sure enough by morning the water was over 7 meters high.

By June 12th the water was at about 8 1/2 meters high and rising quite quickly, so the issued a 2 passenger limit on the Cable Car.  Yes they do this.  It's a pain.  But that's the the way it is.  When the river gets really high, the cable car is closer to the water.  I think the extra weight makes the cable car even closer.  I have heard stories of tree's coming down stream in the high water and flipping or shooting out of the water and knocking the cable car.  I've never had or seen it happen, but apparently it can.  Oh the excitement and thrill of risk while crossing in high water.  hee hee!  Ok.  At least I find it exciting!

Here The operator is taking a passenger across while I wait for my kids to come home across the river.  The cable car is on the left and you can see the ferry docked in the center at the far side of the river.

The ferry and cable car off in the distance across the river the water was quite high.  It was getting closer to the lawn.

Oh!  Here comes the girls!  There goes a chunk of log in the river!

Yep!  They're happy to see me!

Yesterday morning (June 13th) the water was up to 9.6 meters high.  The girls were watching logs float under us as we crossed to catch the bus.

Looking upstream.

Yes, the ferry is closed for high water this time of year.

Yesterday after noon the water peaked (this time) and is starting to go down.  Right now it is at  8.2 meters and going down still.

There is a low spot in our back yard where the pig pen is and yesterday it started getting water in it.  This is ground water that seeps up from the river usually a day or so after it hits 9 meters.  Today I am glad we didn't get pigs to put in there.

We're not sure what will happen this year.  The snow pack in the mountains was 195% of normal as of June 1st.  There was a lot of snow up there this winter and the weather has been so cool that the melt is delayed.  The high water from the melt is usually around the beginning of June, but from what I read I understand it may be delayed until closer to the end of June this year.  What happens will depend on the weather.  A hot spell with warm nights and a big rain would be aweful.   As it is now, the are saying that there could be lots of rain this weekend and the river may rise again.

And so, we wait on the river....  and the weather and cross our fingers.

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  1. wow not sure if i would like that much excitement, waiting on a flood but you are defintely the right person to enjoy all the parts of it Jen, you always find some joy in it all, I appreciate that in you!