Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Chick update

I thought I would give an update on how the chicks are doing.

Well, They aren't doing so hot.  It seems that some how we have come in contact with an illness.  It also seems to be contagious, because most of my chicks are now coughing, sneezing, gurgly breathing, have puffy eyes and are all huddled under the heat lights.  I've had several deaths too.

This has really been stressing me out and I have been so worried.

When it first started, there were some puffy eyes, and I assumed that my turkey poults who were in with the chicks were pecking eyes.  There was also some sneezing, and I put his off to that maybe they had gotten a chill when one of the 3 heat lights got unplugged.

So I moved the turkeys and plugged back in the heat light.  But puffy eyes were still happening, and the sneezing turned to coughing and gurgling.  I put them on Electrolytes and Vitamins, and in draft free area's.

The other morning I had 3 chicks die.  I sort of panicked, because I've never dealt with illness with this many chicks before.

The chicks seem to have come down with Mycroplasma.  I don't know for sure, because I haven't had them tested, but they have the symptoms of it.   Both the Chicks (both heritage and meat birds) and the Turkey Poults have it.

I was really hoping that I could get away without the use of antibiotics.  Especially because of the meat birds, some of which we planned to butcher in 2 weeks.  But with them this ill, and all the risk of loosing so many I put them on Tylan last night.

When a friend of mine heard of my plight, she rushed all the way out here with some medication.  I can hardly beleive the kindness and generosity of this lady.  I am so very grateful!  I hope one day I can return the favour (Only I would never wish this on anyone.)

So now that they are on the medication, I feel a ray of hope!  So far today we haven't had any die, so that's just awesome!

And now we wait to see if the Tylan kicks in and things turn around.

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