Friday, 20 April 2012

The world awakes!

Yes, spring has sprung!

I love this time of year when winter retreats and the world wakens again!  The breeze is warmer as it caresses your cheek, and the smell of cottonwood sap, skunk cabbage and moist earth makes you feel alive again.

The sounds of the grouse drumming and hooting, robins singing, and birds fighting as they chase each other through the branches is a welcome change from the silence of the snow.  Hummingbirds return and Butterflies and Bee's glide and zip though the air as they search for flowers that are yet to come.  The mountain utters grumbles as she sends her snow tumbling and sliding down her slopes.  The sound of rushing water in the creeks.  The ice along the river melts and gives way as the waters rise.

The snow is melting and at last there are just patches here and there in low laying areas and in the shady spots.  The bare patches reveal trails in the grass where the voles and mice have been busy under the deep snow safe from predators.  New shoots of grass are pushing their way into the world, and leaves are turning the gray to the delicate shades of green.

Everyday filled with wonder and discovery of a world awakening and returning to life.

Yes, I love this time of year without a doubt!

Fiddle Heads emerging.

Skunk Cabbage.

Geese return.

And ducks.

May Cherry buds

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