Sunday, 4 March 2012

Caught My Run Away Guinea Fowl

On Thursday (March 2nd)  I took my new camera out and let the guinea's loose to try and practice taking pictures of them.  Well, one Guinea fowl took flight, and landed way, way up in a spruce tree, and refused to come down for the day.  The next few days I let they guineas out in hopes that she would see them and come down to them.  Not so.  Actually the next day after she took flight, I couldn't see or hear her at all.  I went looking and couldn't find her.  I thought her gone for sure.

Then today while I was outside I heard her, and could see her scrawny neck and head sticking up over a branch.  We through snow balls for a while to try and knock her out of the tree, but she kept ducking until we gave up.  I let the other guinea's out thinking she may fly to them, and a while later she went to the chicken house roof.  We were looking out the window, all excited hoping she would land on the path, but the kids went out to the chicken house and when she seen them coming, off into the tree's she retreated once again. Darn.   A while later she was across the road on the snow bank.  I tried to head her but she flew over to the green house and I finally caught her when she fell inbetween the glass windows and the snow that slid off the roof.  It was a deep and narrow space, and I had to lay on my belly to reach her, but she was jammed up pretty good, so there was no getting way.  Off into the chicken house she went.

I'll have to do some wing trimming again.  I did it last fall after the first snow when I had a stubborn guinea on the telephone pole, but I see that they can fly quite well already again.

I'm so glad to get her back!

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