Monday, 5 March 2012

Rotten Ronnie Strikes Again!

Yes, the little bugger was up to no good!

Well, I guess, I should take some of the blame my self.  After all, I should have done a rooster count last night when I tucked everyone in.  But I will admit it.  I didn't.

It all started yesterday when I let the roosters and guinea fowl out, so the run-a-way guinea fowl would be enticed back into her coop.

The roosters came out and went down the trail.  Now if you have read my poem about Rotten Ronnie, you would have seen that he and The Fonze my polish rooster, were enemies.  But now they are fine friends, hanging out together when you let them out.

A few days ago when they were out, they snuck into the Mini coop which is buried in about 3 feet of snow.  The door to it was open about 6 inches enough for them to squeeze in, but not enough for me to get in to get them.  So I waited until night when they went into the little house part.  I could open that door enough to reach them.  So I got them when they bedded down and returned them to the main Rooster/Guinea Fowl coop.

Well, yesterday when I let them out, they remembered this little get away, and snuck back in there.  A while later the wayward guinea fowl was captured, and I herded everyone back into the coop.  The Fonze was on the trail, and I had to literally pick him up and carry him in, because he was refusing to go in his self.

Now, I had company over while this was all going on, so I finished up and went back in to resume visiting.  They left and I made supper and what not, then later in the evening, I went out to shut the hens in.

At this point, I just want to say that since fall, I have kept my roosters separate from the hens, so come spring, I can pair them up and begin collecting eggs, without the 6 week waiting period for one roosters rooster juice to run out and the proper one's to take over.  I have been very careful about this.  Warning kids with in an inch of their lives to never open both doors at the same time, or to let the Roosters get in with the hens.  I have seriously had nightmares of this and woken up in cold sweats.

So today was a bright and sun shiny day, and I figured since the Roosters have been out everyday since last Thursday, it was the hens turn at some freedom to soak up the rays.

Just now, I went out to shut the hens in, and who did I see so proud amongst the hens?!  Why that Rotten little Ronnie, all standing tall like he was the king and had every right to be among the lovely ladies.

It seems, he didn't go in yesterday with the roosters.  Instead he opted out to spend the night by himself in the mini coop where I couldn't see him, because the snow is so deep around it.  Yes, he must of thought he was in heaven today when he climbed up out of the snow surrounding the coop and seen the hens.

This little dude is like the Energiser Bunny,  and he's had a little lost time to make up for (not counting the short time I had him paired up with a silkie hen a few weeks ago).  He's not picky on the size of the hens, so I can only assume that he was getting while the getting was good.

I am shaking my head at myself, for not remembering him yesterday.  Now I will have to wait another 6 weeks until I can pair up the chickens to collect eggs for hatching.  That takes it to April 16th.   Oh my!


  1. Oh man that is annoying! Rotten Ronnie indeed but he is maybe a very smart rotten ronnie!
    I was trying to explain why I have my roos seperate to a non farm kid and I told them I have a boys school and a girls school!
    6 weeks would be extreme would it not? I am thinking two or even 3 would be pretty safe?

  2. Yeah, I think perhaps he is a clever little guy. He sure was happy though. I'm pretty sure I've read that if you want to be sure that the eggs are fertilized with the right Roo that 6 weeks is the for sure time. I thought I read that a hen can hang on to sperm for some crazy amount of time like 6 weeks as well. Mind you, if you paired them up at say 5 weeks, by six weeks you could immediately collect eggs. If I waited less time though, and incubated my own eggs any crosses would be recognisable right away with the silkie toes and foot feathering, I guess. I'm going to double check on that waiting time.

  3. The little stinker struck again yesterday. My daughter went to go into the Rooster houseing and Rotten Ronnie snuck out, promptly hopped on my EE hen and ravaged her. Grrrrr! I was going to breed her again but was waiting for his last stint to run out. Now I have to start all over again.