Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Seriously Love My New Camera! ~ Some Pictures Included

First off, I want to say, that I am not a photographer.  I am just simply a girl who likes to take pictures.  That's it, that's all.  Purely for enjoyment.

A few weeks back I got a new camera.  I have to say that everyday, I love it a bit more!  

I've always like taking pictures.  A few years back I got a Nikon Coolpix P90. 12.1 Mega pixels, with 24x zoom. It's a point and shoot camera and has a lot of automatic settings.  Pretty easy to use and I loved that I could zoom in pretty far away.  I have taken some nice photos with it.  But there were times when I would get frustrated that I couldn't focus on things (especially in low light), and I couldn't put different lenses on it.  When I went and bought the Nikon, I went in with the intent to get a camera I could put different lenses on.  But was talked into the Nikon P&S because I led to believe the other camera's might be over whelming for me.  Anyways, I walked out with the Nikon.  And while the camera has served me well, and I'm not ready to part with it yet, I always dreamed of getting a better camera.

Nikon Coolpix P90
Nikon Coolpix P90 with extended lens

So a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and got a beautiful camera.  It's a Canon EOS 60D.  18 mega pixel and shoots Raw.  Oh yes, this thing is my newest baby.  It came with a lovely 18-200mm lens.  Have I mentioned that I love my camera?  

Canon EOS 60D with 18-200mm lens and Sigma 17-70mm macro lens
Extended Lenses

I have been trying to not use the Auto Focus mode, and instead get used to using the manual focus.  So far I am enjoying the manual focus.  It seems to be more precise then the auto focus of my old camera, where I had to keep auto focusing and auto focusing to get the camera to focus where and how I wanted it.  This is a whole new learning experience for me which I am really enjoying.  I've never auto focused anything in my life besides binoculars before.  lol

The Camera also has a HD Video mode which I have yet to try.  There's lots of things and modes I've yet to try, but slowly and surely!

The lens that I got with it (18-200mm) isn't really meant for really close ups so the other day I got a Sigma 17-70mm Macro lens (It was the only one the Sight and Sound store had), and I'm not sure exactly how I like it yet.  I've just really tried it out the once on some moss, and couldn't zoom in as close as I would have liked to.  What I want to do is zoom in really, really close to mosses, bugs, flowers and mushrooms.  Stuff like that.  I want to see those amazing details.  I'm not sure if this lens will do this for me yet.  (Please remember, this is all new to me.)  But I have been reading about extension tubes that can be added in between the camera and lens that lets you zoom in even closer.  I'm going to check those out.  

Boy, lenses are really expensive!  I also need to pick up a flash too.  And I've yet to get a computer program.  I have Adobe Lightroom 4 on order.  I can't wait to get it and see what sort of things I will be able to do with the pictures I take.

I wish I could figure out a way to keep my camera settings with the picture once I take the picture off the camera card.

Here's a few sample pictures.

This is a water fall near my place.  This picture was taken with my Nikon camera.

The rest of the pictures are with my Canon.

Same waterfall, with new camera.  Playing with aperture. 

The creek further down.  I can't wait for the snow to go, and things to start growing.

One of my first pictures I took with my new camera.  Using the 18-200mm lens

With my new macro lens.  

Another fence post.  I find mosses, lichen and fungi fascinating.  

Of course, testing it out on my kids is always fun!

Of course, we have to throw some chickens into the mix.

Trying to see if I can capture water dripping.  

I love it!

That moment when the water leaves the ice.  If you look closely you can see the river rocks reflected upside down in the drop.  (I will admit that I cropped the next two photo's).

Reflections of the rocks caught in the drop.

Testing out my 18-200mm lens on some mosses and things.  Not as clear as I would have liked...

The Green Lady

Trying to figure out how sharp I can focus in on details.

Testing out the portrait setting outside.  

Indoors with the portrait setting.

For once we have a nice day, and the sky is another colour besides gray.

I attempted to take pictures of the stars the other night.  But you can see the glow from town.  The tree's in this picture are lit up by a passing train.  On my computer screen where the picture is bigger, you can see stars.  It looks really dark here.

Finally some colour in the sky this morning!  I must admit, I was worried how it would handle the color of sunrises and sunsets.  This morning's sky wasn't especially bright, but it came out good anyway's!

Not zoomed in.

It zooms in from a distance pretty good, I'd say.

So now, I have lots of learning to do.  But I am really looking forward to this adventure of learning my camera.  I can hardly wait for things to start growing and turning green.  I can't wait for life to return so I can try and capture it with my camera!

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